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・写真展「ALTERNATIVE!」(2016年 ギャラリーコンシール渋谷 東京)
・写真展「御苗場 vol.18 横浜」(2016年 大さん橋ホール 横浜)
・ひこ×百舌 緊縛写真展「Shadow/ Luster」(2018年 spazio rita 名古屋」

・Twitter :@hiko_1005
・Instagram :hiko_1005



・First, I started doing rope art as a hobby, and taking photographs of it as a record.

Thorough it, I met various people, and I began photography activity in earnest.

・I take photographs of portraits and shows of rope art.

・Now I’m based in Tokyo, make photography activities and serve as one of rope art’s lecturers at ARCADIA TOKYO.


2016 Photographic exhibition “ALTERNATIVE!” @Gallery Conceal Shibuya, Tokyo

2016 Photographic exhibition “ONAEBA vol.18 YOKOHAMA” @Osanbashi Yokohama, Yokohama

2018 HIKO×MOZU Rope art photographic exhibition “Shadow/ Luster”@spazio rita, Nagoya

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